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Ten years ago, I adopted Phoebe, my 4-pound Chihuahua, and I couldn't find a dog walking service that met my standards. Other services led large pack walks, they were managed unprofessionally, and they were staffed with unhappy dog walkers. Most importantly, though, other services were missing the love!


That’s why I quit my career in finance in 2011, and after months of planning, I founded Dog Walk NYC, a dog walking service that treats our dogs like family AND a business that treats its dog walkers like family, too. I’m proud to own and manage Dog Walk NYC, a company I would have hired for my dog.


New York can be chaotic and hectic, but we're experts at city dog walking in a way that apps and their contractors can't be.  We love our pups and always care for them responsibly, and we will always respect your home and your privacy.


We know our dogs’ families and our dog walkers well because everyone — clients and employees — tends to stick with us for years. 


All of our walkers go through an extensive five step pre-hire process: We phone screen them. We interview them in person. We take them on a working, dog-walking interview. And we run a background check. Then we hire walkers on a trial basis, during which they spend up to two weeks training and shadowing a senior dog walker.  If that goes well, we invite them to be an official part of our team!


All our dog walkers are bonded and insured.

Our Team

Our Team

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Manager, Social Media Manager
Mike C
Manager, East 40s
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