What are pawesome clients are saying

Katie is a very smart, sharp, reasonable and reliable business owner and runs a tight ship - she has a very rigorous walker hiring process and only employs really solid, honest walkers with a strong work ethic - hard to find sometimes in this business!  And, I have a nest camera in my apt and am always monitoring my little fur baby so I see with my own eyes that Mike, our amazing walker, always arrives when he is supposed to and keeps Courtney out the whole time he's supposed to and writes me a detailed text report with how she did that day. Katie and Mike have been very accommodating and I really trust my precious pup in their hands. It's a huge relief to not have to worry about her while I'm at work. I'm very grateful for Dog Walk NYC! - Courtney (mom to Harlee)

Dog walk NYC has been walking our Frenchie for over a year and a half now and they have been amazing! Katie and her team are always reliable and incredibly accommodating of our schedule. We recently had a baby boy who came a little earlier than expected, and Katie and her team absolutely stepped up to the plate to help us out with some last minute walks/boarding requests. We wouldn't have survived those first few weeks as new parents without their extra help! I would definitely recommended Dog Walk NYC to anyone! Jayne (mom to Bowser)

I could not have imagined a dog walking company that fits mine and my dogs needs more than Dog Walk NYC. Katie is great and so accommodating to a different schedule each week and my dog walker Kereny is amazing. My dog is so excited when we run into her on my days off. We were able to meet Kereny before we started services and we could not be happier with her. She always gives great detailed updates and sends cute pictures of our pup and his dog friends after every walk. She is consistent and reliable, and will let us know if one of the other walkers will be filling in on occasion. Katie makes it very easy to schedule my walks each week and even easier to pay on a weekly basis. The small group walks are very affordable and my pup loves it. I trust Dog Walk NYC with my pup and would recommend them to anyone! Shannon (mom to Bentley)

Dog Walk NYC is the BEST, they have been walking our CavaPoo for over a year now. Sadly, we are moving out of Manhattan and VERY upset to be loosing Katie and her team! They are one of a kind- I can always count on them and they take such good care of our little fur baby everyday. I get a text message after each walk to hear how it went, and they are always on time! Dog walk NYC has the best prices with the best staff! We will miss you guys TONS!! Amanda (mom to Charlie)

Dog Walk NYC/Christian have been walking our pups for over a year an a half and they have been FANTASTIC. They are incredibly reliable, we have not had one cancellation or change in time slot in 1.5 years, even in blizzards, storms etc. Our dogs also love the adventure days they offer, so special for them to get to go hiking and to the beach! I honestly think our dogs love Christian more than they love us! He goes above and beyond, taking our dogs out for extra long walks when he has time, cleaning up when our dogs cause trouble etc. Christian is super respectful and always asks me before letting the pups do anything new or changing things up. I trust Dog Walk NYC completely with our pups. They are honestly like family to us, could not recommend them more! - Diana (mom to Poppy & Roscoe) 

I have nothing but good things to say about Dog Walk NYC. i have been using them for a few months now and have had only positive experiences. they are all very friendly and my dog loves them! I had an emergency where i was out of the state and need someone to watch my pup for the weekend and Katie was able to pick him up within 15 minutes. i cannot thank them enough for their incredible service and would recommend them to anyone. - Zack B (dad to Max)

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